Human Trafficking in Upstate South Carolina



It seems every day there are more and more news articles about Human Trafficking arrests in the United States but, what people don't know is that Greenville is becoming an increasingly popular place for trafficking not only for SC, but for the United States as a whole. Two of the top 10 cities for trafficking in the US are Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. Greenville sits right in the middle of these two cities by I-85. Trafficking is the fastest growing crime, therefore, Atlanta and Charlotte have started to become overcrowded with traffickers, which has begun to move the demand to Greenville. A large influencer for ending trafficking here in Greenville is SWITCH. They exist to raise awareness, prevent trafficking, fight the demand, and to offer restoration services to victims of trafficking. 
SWITCH offers five programs to effectively fight trafficking in the Upstate:
  • AWARENESS: Through this program, SWITCH is able to educate the Greenville community on how to recognize the red flags, how to report suspicions of trafficking, and how to respond with appropriate resources for victims.

  • PREVENTION: This program allows SWITCH to educate people on different ways people are trafficked in order to provide them with the knowledge they need to stay safe and out of risk for being trafficked.

  • DEMAND: The demand program consists of male volunteers who speak to other men and educate them about the link between pornography and human trafficking as well as providing the necessary help to overcome porn addiction.

  • INTERVENTION: SWITCH has outreach efforts to those involved in the commercial sex industry in order to build relationships with those involved and to offer a way out if the individual so chooses.

  • RESTORATION: Each person receives a holistic and individualized plan of care and receives help in setting personal goals and tools to achieve those goals.

From 2016 to 2017, SWITCH has seen growth of 21 participants in their program, 49 completed restoration goals, a 10% increase of those on track to completing their goals, and a 17.5% decrease in the recidivism rate (the perpetrators likelihood of retreating to their old lifestyle) in Greenville. Switch holds many events throughout the year in order to educate the community and fund their programs so that these numbers can continue to grow each year. 
We are honored to partner financially with SWITCH and to be a part of all they are doing to fight AND end human trafficking in the Upstate.
Visit their website here to read more about how you can help the fight against human trafficking. 


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