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We have some super exciting things happening here at Milk and Honey and one of the coolest is our new partner "The Priceless Collection." Founder, Beka Burch takes their story all the way back to her teenage years. I know we can all remember exactly how we felt during those times (assuming you're not still in them, of course), sometimes lonely, wanting to feel worth something and only really experiencing a conditional type of love. As she ran and ran away from God and searched for a less conditional love in the world, she realized that she would only find it in Him. So, as she was going through her college years, her heart began to burn for women who feel those same unworthy, deprecating feelings. Her eyes were opened to Human Trafficking and a desire to fight this crime and show these women that they are priceless arose within her. She prayed for a way to help these women and God answered that prayer. She realized that these women are purchased for only coins a day so why not take these coins and turn them into something that will show them that they are worth MORE than that. That is how "The Priceless Collection" was born. Beka's jewelry features coins in all aspects: as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. What a truly remarkable way to bring light, and a fight, to such a tragic crime in this world. 


So, what exactly does this fight look for them? "The Priceless Collection" partners with Freedom418 in South East Asia. Every penny they give to them goes to help pull women out of trafficking and to "experience love, freedom, and hope through safe housing, a restoration program, career training, and education." We are more than thrilled to be partnering with Beka to show God's love and the worth He gives us to women who deserve it so much. 


You can shop The Priceless Collection by clicking here! 


To read more about Beka and her story (or to just look at all her SUPER cute stuff) you can head on over to 

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