Our Brand Partners

At Milk and Honey, we are privileged to work with so many wonderful partners across the globe. Read all about them below!
Beljoy sells handcrafted jewelry by local artisans in Haiti and the US. Their mission is to give job opportunity to the people of Haiti in order to provide for their families. Beljoy works specifically with Haiti because they are the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Beljoy also works to provide for the communities of their artisans through education, medical needs, and more. All of their products are made with locally sourced elements. BEL: means beautiful and the Haitian people are so joyful and that is how they got their name “Beljoy”.  
31 Bits is an ethical business out of Uganda. The women of 31 Bits saw a need for financial and job stability for the ladies of Uganda when they were only juniors in college and they acted on that need. Now, they are working with so many beautiful artisans to provide a more ethical work with fair wages, holistic care, and more. 31 Bits is all about fair trade. The artisans are more than just workers, they are family. They get the name 31 Bits from Proverbs 31, which describes a hardworking and empowering woman and from their original beads made from bits of paper. 
Mata Traders was founded by three best friends when they fell in love with India. Mata's mission is to end global poverty and inspire the fashion industry to become more ethical. All of Mata's product are made in India and Nepal and each purchase helps to provide stable income to their artisans. They partner with several fair trade organizations in India and Nepal to train and employ hundreds of artisans. Mata helps to provide  health care, paid maternity leave, retirement pensions, education and daycare as well as social workers on staff to help provide for the artisans personal needs. Mata's name is Hindi and is all about women empowerment specifically in the culture of India. 
Penh Lenh is based out of Cambodia and their mission is to empower marginalized and at-risk women in Cambodia. They seek to provide sustaining employment and education. Each crafted piece is made to reflect the strength and beauty of the artisan that created it as well as the women who wear it. 100% of sales go back to help provide education, vocational training, and opportunity for career advancement to their artisans. Penh Lenh means "whole". 
Purse and Clutch works directly with artisans in Guatemala and Ethiopia to provide thoughtfully designed and ethically made handbags. Their mission is to fight poverty and change the fashion industry for good.  Purse and Clutch makes it a point to know the names of all of the men and women creating their bags and they believes that what you wear/carry is a reflection of who you are. 
Starfish Project works with exploited women in Asia. They do outreach to brothels, offer holistic care services, and provide employment and vocational training to these women. All of their jewelry is sourced, produced, packaged, shipped, and accounted for by women at Starfish Project. The women employed by Starfish don't simply make jewelry, they also do graphic design, photography, inventory management, and accounting. Starfish Project has helped over 100 women graduate from their program and are currently helping 42 others. 
The Priceless Collections mission is to fight the injustice of Human Trafficking and to show these women that they are priceless. The founder of The Priceless Collection realized that women are sold for merely coins so, she decided to turn these coins into jewelry to make her mission and action. She took a Peruvian coin and made it into a necklace and that was the beginning of The Priceless Collection. Today they have provided thousands of dollars to their partner Freedom418 in Southeast Asia and have helped women out of trafficking to  experience love, freedom, and hope through safe housing, a restoration program, career training, and education.
Fair Anita began with a vision of wanting women to feel safe, loved, and respected. They began their mission in Peru which has one of the highest percentage rates of domestic violence against women. Women expressed that having a sustainable job and earning an income would empower them to leave the violence. From there, Fair Anita was born. The name "Fair Anita" comes from Chimbote, Peru where you will find a social worker named Ana. Ana is referred to the women there as "Senora Anita" and she helps these women to feel loved and cared for. All of Fair Anita's product is made by marginalized women in 16 countries and helps to create opportunity for them and empowers them to fight back against abuse. 
Switch is a non-profit organization out of Greenville, SC working to end Human Trafficking in the Upstate of South Carolina. Their fight is done through raising awareness, prevention, fighting the demand, intervention, and restoration. They have helped over 80 individuals, spoken with over 14,000 people about Human Trafficking, and held over 100 intervention events. They are working every day to not just bring restoration to people out of trafficking, but to see the end of trafficking all together. 
Mango and Main is located in a couple different countries like Rwanda, Haiti, and Peru. They believe in the power of business to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Mango and Main values connection to the artisans who make the products they buy and sell. They treasure unique, handmade, purposeful, and authentic. Mango and Main follow the Principles of the Fair Trade Federation to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship with the artisans who make each and every product. 

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